Indoor & Rare Plants - Aglaonema Thai Snowflakes

  • Aglaonema Thai Snowflakes
The Aglaonema Thai Snowflakes is a striking house plant with strongly variegated leaves showcasing white speckles across the deep green leaves. Aglaonemas are an easy to care for house plant and make a great addition to any plant lovers collection!

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    • Habitat: Happy in average household temperatures, keep out of draughts.
    • Light: Bright indirect light. Keep away from direct sunlight.
    • Water: Likes to be kept moist, do not allow soil to dry out completely before watering again.
    • Soil: Use a peat-based soil. Allow to drain. Yellowing leaves or soft stalks are a sign of overwatering. 
    • Fertiliser: Use a slow-release fertiliser once a month during spring.
    • Toxicity: Can cause irritation if eaten and the sap is a skin and eye irritant. Keep away from children and pets. 

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