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You can order online 24/7 or call us to have a chat about what you would like. We are happy to help. Same day delivery Auckland Wide, order before 10am no pick ups available at this time. Nationwide delivery for some products so please inquire. U-Pick Hours run between Oct-March each year

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Kumeu Flower Farm - World Famous U-Pick

P: (09) 4127606 M: 0275197108

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) we were unable to continue our lease at Station Road, Kumeu so we started to relocate to Angelique's home on Herald Island, just 15 minutes away. The picturesque Herald Island is in Auckland's Upper Waitemata Harbour. We still continue to grow our beautiful floribunda roses and seasonal flowers in a more natural way that nature intended. Much safe for us, you and the environment. Herald Island was known as Wood's Island after its first European owner, from the 1840s until the late 1880s, and from the late 1880s until the early 1950s, as Pine Island. In 1953, the island joined the Waitakere Riding of the Waitemata County, having previously not had any form of local government. At this time, the island's name was officially changed to Herald Island. The first fruit trees in the Upper Waitemata Harbour area were planted at Herald Island in 1847, and by 1922 the island had become a popular location for picnickers and day-trippers to visit by ferry. The island was linked to the mainland by a causeway in 1957, for which Waitemata County Council charged residents a special rate of 5·878d.(Don't worry though there's no charge to cross the causeway today)There are 275 houses on the island, which has a walkway around its perimeter. The island is almost entirely residential, with no shops but some small home-based businesses like Kumeu Flower Farm.

We will open our U-Pick again and have a new shop open to the public in late Spring 2024, where you can pop in and buy our beautiful flowers, so watch this space :-) You can still order flowers for pick up or delivery in the meantime so hop onto this page https://www.flowerfarm.co.nz/ to start your ordering :-) 

If you want to get an early bird ticket for the U-Pick make sure you get one here as the prices will not remain at this price for long. Cant wait to see you soon!

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