Coppercat Rescue 2021

Coppercat Rescue 2021

Coppercat Rescue was formed after finding that many once owned family pets, (primarily kittens and pussycats) were abandoned or dumped from the stress of COVID 19. Many of these kittens and cats have not been neutered and have gone on to breed many semi-wild kittens; many of whom have to fend for themselves without mothers or siblings. 

This is our story...

We need your help! Monique (my Twin Sis!) is a fashion designer by trade (and part time 2IC @ KFF) and has taken on the daunting task of capturing and caring for these fur babies without any help (apart from me, Angelique when her flowers let her!) 

Monique has a workroom in Kiakohe, and works in Auckland so travels back and forth often. Her partner lives in Horeke so on her way up she will stop at the recycle station where she found her very first abandoned pussycat "Zak". This pussycat has lead to many more being rescued since, but Monique's home (and resources) are getting the squeeze! 

She has 20 rescue pussycats in her care at the moment, with many others that have been fostered out or had forever homes found. Its a daunting task looking after all these fur babies, but all the shelters are full, and they still need lots of TLC before they can go to their  forever homes. This takes up a huge amount of money, time and resources so we are asking please for your help. Donations of cat food, bedding, toys, cages and anything related to pussycats would be gratefully accepted. Anyone wishing to donate some $$$ to help with their daily care would be humbly accepted. Kumeu Flower Farm is also offering a 20% discount off a purchase of flowers, to anyone donating $20 or more. 

If you can give a little $$$ or have anything, no matter how large or small please get in touch with us here

You can also see some of the fur babies on Facebook @Coppercatrescue

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