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Hi my name is Angelique and I have two hugely creative sisters who work with me on the farm; Monique and Mieke, whom share my love and passion for natural fresh flowers and plants the way nature intended.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to start growing on a Farm in Kumeu. I am a Qualified Landscape Architect by trade and was looking for growing houses to grow many of my plants I had collected over the years while landscaping! This farm wasn't quite what I was looking for..'just a small little greenhouse tucked away somewhere was just fine for me'! I never dreamed I would be growing on a farm of this size (but its still quite small in the scale of things!), It was a big leap to take, and I was a bit nervous, (nothing that a glass of bubbles couldn't fix!) so, after much convincing (alot actually) I decided to take this challenge on.

And a few years down the track and Boy what a learning curve it has been! I had been used to growing outside and growing tough, hardy Native Plants, but what I was taking over included cut flower roses, that were grown hydroponically in a very old system.

My son is a great fixer of anything! His eyes gleamed when he saw a run down old greenhouse with mud pits for drainage! And that was just the start, and boy did I need his help!

Some of the changes we have made were to move some of the roses from the old (but costly to run) hydroponic systems back into soil beds, and also increased the varieties with new Garden and Old Fashioned large flower heads, with exquisite perfumes. And the most amazing revelation is the roses we moved from the hydroponic system to the soil beds are now sweetly scented with delicate perfume. What an exciting discovery that has been!

We are continually trialing new flower crops to see what grows well in the ol' greenhouse so we can offer a bigger range of cut flowers to the local community. There have been lots of failures, but also lots of new discoveries too, which is so exciting and rewarding. At the moment we can grow (additionally to the roses) seasonally, snapdragons, Stock, Limonium, Statice, Gypsohplia, Sunflowers, Alstromeria, Hebe flowers/foliage, Hydrangea flowers/foliage, Lavender flowers/foliage, Strawflowers, Tulips, Ranunculus, Daffodils, Bromelaid flowers/foliage, Xmas Lilies and an increasing rang of foliage crops like Eucalyptus. We are adding to our collection as we create more beds, and as time allows. Its a slow process but definitely a rewarding one.

We have a Farm Shop open to the public where you can buy our beautiful flowers, so pop on down. You will either find Mieke, Monique or myslef (Angelique) ready to welcome you and show off our flowers. :-) You can also hire out part of the greenhouse and/or Barn for small intimate weddings, hens and children s parties, or any event for up to 100 people. Check out our competitive prices here.

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