We love our flowers as much as we love our pets. Please help us to save these abandoned fur babies that have been a consequence of COVID 19! Receive a 20% discount voucher off flowers from Kumeu Flower Farm for donations above $20. To find out more please CLICK HERE



We would like to let you know what we are doing about COVID 19

COVID 19 UPDATE - LEVEL 1 - We are open for business

At our farm we are pretty isolated from a lot of people here. It’s mainly our beautiful flowers and us :-) Please inquire here if you have any questions. Our shop doors will now be open and Upick has been fully reintstated. Please sign in with your Phone App. The Covid 19 Sign is located on our front door on the right hand side.



Tuesday-Thursday 9am - 4pm - Shop Open .

Friday 10am - 2pm - Shop Open .

Sat 8.30am-10.30am Upick is open. You are welcome to bring a mask but please keep 1m apart from each other.

Sat 10am-2pm - Shop Open t.



We have downloaded the government QR code poster and will have it in an accessable place on the front of our Barn Doors for you to scan if you have the QR code App. If you havent downloaded the App you can find it here 


We look forward to seeing you again but we must still keep our distances from each other :-)

We also  offer Contacless Local Delivery of hand crafted flower bouquets, or just bunches of whatever you like, plus we have started a new line of Indoor plants. You can check them out here.


  • We are aligning ourselves with the guidelines issued by the NZ government to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and customers.
  • We provide hand wash and sanitisers for our staff and customers
  • We always work with gloves, but now we will be wearing disposable gloves as we make up your order. 
  • One person will pick your order and one person will make up your order. 
  • We have implemented regular cleaning to ensure surfaces are clean for staff and customers
  • Customers can order and pay over the phone and pick up during our normal shop hours or make an appointment..
  • Our Staff and "the sisters" have not shown any signs of the Covid19 Virus.
  • Any Person/Staff memeber that is unwell will not come to work.
  • We will update our measures as needed and if there are any other governmental changes.

We look forward to bringing you a little sunshine in a very uncertain world!. We also farm using less chemicals and mainly natural remedies and biological controls. This helps to boost the plants immune system and helps to reduce our impact on our amazing planet.

If you have any questions (or Advice) at all, we are more than happy to help. Call us on 09 4127606. If we are in the Greenhouse please leave a message and we will get right back to you.

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