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@ Kumeu Flower Farm we have a talented Team growing and creating farm fresh stunning flowers for you! Our main crop is Floribunda roses along with a growing list of seasonal flowers and foliage. We grow in an uncomplicated old fashioned way minimizing the use of chemicals and harvested 100% Kiwi. 

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Edible Flowers

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We are Artisan Growers... 
Growing from Farm to Table..

We are Artisan Growers offering locally grown handcrafted seasonal flowers. We can grow your wedding flowers from seed-to-centerpiece’ as well as hand craft your very own floral design. 

We are passionate about exclusively using local ingredients, nearly all of which comes from our Farm in Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand. 

We take great pride in having intimate knowledge of where your flowers are grown for your home, workplace, wedding or event and the sustainable practices behind them.

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Our onsite shop for retail sales is open Monday-Friday 9.30am-3.30pm, Saturday 9.30am-12.30pm,  Our winter hours do change so please call us before you come in. If you are a FLORIST or WHOLESALER please inquire here

Kumeu Flower Farm

108 Station Road, 

Huapai, Kumeu


P: (09) 4127606


"Kumeu Flower Farm is one of the best Flower Delivery Options in Auckland"

We are listed here for one of the best Flower Deliveries in Auckland!