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We deliver directly from our Farm to your doorstep. 

We are located in the Rural Suburb of Kumeu, West Auckland. Depending on where your order is going we may use a specialist delivery company or we may deliver in our own van to ensure your order is delivered in a safe and timely manner. Delivery Times vary due to the seasons but Same Day deliveries will be sent between 3 - 7 pm Monday-Saturday for local deliveries. Please order before 10.30 am for Citywide Same Day Deliveries. When ordered after this time your order will go on the next day delivery. Citywide deliveries are from Mon-Friday only and are picked up at 12pm and delivered before 5pm. We deliver Locally on Special days like Valentines and Mothers Day when they fall on the weekend. If you need a morning delivery or are sending to a business please advise if a possible delivery time is available. 

You can call us on 09 4127606

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Indoor plants bring clean air and a soft feeling to hard built up areas. Great for the office, home or any building. We are building our stock up all the time so check back often so you don't miss out :-)

Plants for Indoors help to clean and purify the air you breath.

  • Achmea Varieties
    We have a large variety of Bromelaid plants priced from $15 each. Please make an inquiry to let us k...
    NZ$ 17.25
    NZ$ 15.00 excl GST
    In Stock
  • Peace Lily
    Spathiphyllum or the Peace Lily Plant is a well known houseplant which is known for its brilliant wh...
    NZ$ 34.99 2 Litre
    NZ$ 30.43 excl GST
    Out Of Stock
    Not Available
  • Crassula ovata variegata
    A choice, rare, variegated beauty foliaged with dense clusters of mint-green and cream succulent lea...
    NZ$ 19.95 each
    NZ$ 17.35 excl GST
    In Stock
    Available now
  • Mother-in-law-tongue
    Long stiff green leaves in a variety of patterns. Excellent house plant withstanding most conditions...
    NZ$ 34.99 each
    NZ$ 30.43 excl GST
    In Stock
    Available now
  • Monstera Monkey Mask
    The Monstera Obliqua Monkey Mask is a very sought after variety of Monstera.
    This beautiful easy ca...
    NZ$ 24.99 each
    NZ$ 21.73 excl GST
    In Stock
    Please see size availability
  • Kentia Palm - Howea forsteriana
    If you love the tropical look of a palm tree but don't live in a tropical area, try growing a Kentia...
    NZ$ 45.95 2 L
    NZ$ 39.96 excl GST
    In Stock
  • Tahitian Bridal Veil Plant - Gibasis geniculata
    Gibasis geniculata, also known as the Tahitian bridal veil, is a trailing plant in the family Commel...
    NZ$ 39.99 each
    NZ$ 34.77 excl GST
    In Stock

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