Seasonal Cut Flowers - Sunflower Golden Crown

Sunflower Golden Crown
We have collected our own seed, non treated and clean. These sunflowers actually produce a pollen so bees love them.
NZ$ 5.00
NZ$ 2.83 (a 56% discount)
NZ$ 2.17
Price for 100+:
NZ$ 2.25 per each
Price for 750+:
NZ$ 2.00 per each
Price for 1,000+:
NZ$ 1.80 per each
Available June-July
Purchase Qty:

They grow massively tall and last time we grew them the leaves were 3-4 times the size of one hand! Sold per stem.

  • One Fine Day
    NZ$ 89.95 Each
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  • Bromeliad for Cut Flowers
    NZ$ 2.00 each
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  • Sunflower Vincent Choice
    NZ$ 5.00 each
    NZ$ 2.17 each
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  • Citrus splash
    NZ$ 91.90 Each
    NZ$ 65.00 Each
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  • Limonium salt lake
    NZ$ 6.00 5-7 stems per bunch
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  • Alstroemeria psittacina
    NZ$ 9.99 Bunch 5 stems
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  • Florist Paper and Wet Wrapping
    NZ$ 15.00
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