What 2 Bring


CLEAN jar, vase, bucket or container. We have water to fill up your jar, so your flowers will stay fresh on the way home. Your bucket should clean enough to drink out of!

Farm appropriate shoes/gumboots. 

Your own clippers or secateurs. We do have a few extras to hire if you don't have any…

Water bottles. It can get very hot!

Caring and thoughtful children! The farm is our life and we have worked hard so we can share it with others. Please do not allow children to chase, harass or tease our pet animals in any way, or purposely destroy our property, otherwise we will have to ask you to leave.


Pets of any kind. If you have a service dog, please alert us ahead of time.

Children or adults with severe bee/wasp sting reactions. No one has been stung before but there is always a chance. 

"Kumeu Flower Farm is one of the best Flower Delivery Options in Auckland"

We are listed here for one of the best Flower Deliveries in Auckland!