U-Pick Hours

Picking your own flowers is a great option for individuals who want to hand pick their blooms to practice flower arranging at home, or florists who need larger volumes of flowers for weddings or other big events. 

You’ll be given a guided tour of the Greenhouse and shown the areas you are able to pick from, you’ll learn about what’s in bloom and then you'll be left to fill your bucket as full as you like with stems and foliage, but we do ask you not to overfill or stuff the flowers too tight as you will damage them and they wont last as long. And don't forget to bring your own bucket to take the flowers away in.

U-Pick Flowers opens in End of NOVEMBER 2019 and closes in mid/late-FEBRUARY 2020 (check our Facebook or Instagram page for updates!).

Picking is in the mornings/evening, since flowers picked in the heat of the day wilt quickly and don't last as long.

In the evenings please arrive at least 1 hour before closing time. 

2019 U-PICK HOURS – Please check our Events Calendar to see what dates are open

Hours - Tuesday 4:30PM - 6:30PM, Friday 8:00AM - 10AM, Saturday 8:00AM - 10AM

***Hours are subject to change, due to weather or unforeseen circumstances***


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