Rose Petals - Fresh Rose petals - NZ Grown (Non edible)

  • Fresh Rose petals - NZ Grown (Non edible)
  • Fresh Rose petals - NZ Grown (Non edible)
A colourful mixed bucket of fresh rose petals (these are not our edible rose petals, please see our edible rose petals in the edible section).

These and are supplied as rose heads and can be used for confetti for weddings, celebrations, valentines day etc. Just pull the petals off the rose heads and scatter them around for a romantic evening or for weddings on the bridal table or throw into the air!

5 Litre approx: 500 petals, 10 Litre Approx. 1000 petals, 20 Litre Approx 2000 petals

Available between late spring/summer (late September - February) From $65.00

During autumn/winter (March - August) please inquire about availability and pricing.
Available October-May
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Disclaimer: Kumeu Flower Farm has researched all the edible flowers listed above and we can garauntee thier freshness. We will pick your flowers the same day of your Order. We do not grow with nasty chemicals and grow in a more natural uncomplicated manner. However consuming the flowers or plants listed here is at your own risk.  Kumeu Flower Farm cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction to the flowers. In case of doubt please consult your medical professional.

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  • Dried edible rose petals - NZ Grown
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