Classic Floribunda - Gold Strike

  • Gold Strike
  • Gold Strike
This rose is such a gorgeous sunny yellow. When you are down in the dumps she really brightens up your day. She comes in 40-70cm lengths and is beautifully wrapped for a gift presentation.

Roses can symbolize God's love at work in people's lives and yellow roses are no exception. They mean Wisdom and Joy. Giving yellow roses can tell someone the joy they bring you and the friendship you share.
NZ$ 49.95 including GST
NZ$ 43.44 excluding GST
10 Stems
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    NZ$ 49.95 10 Stems
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  • Charisma
    NZ$ 39.99
    NZ$ 34.77 excl GST
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  • Mixed Stems
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    NZ$ 3.48 excl GST
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  • Rose Bucket
    NZ$ 69.95 50 stems
    NZ$ 60.83 excl GST
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