Edible Flowers - "Marigold Twist"

Fresh Marigold Flower Heads (Small for baking cakes etc)
These Marigold flowers are small yellow, orange and/or dark orange blossoms on green stems. They have a citrus, minty herb flavor that works well in salads and as an edible garnish on some dishes.

Marigold flowers tend to float well in liquids, though how well can vary with the shape of each blossom.

If you are wanting our larger flowering cut flower variety please see our seasonal flowers or Flower Petals section.

Available between late November to April - depending on the season.

During winter (May-August) please inquire about availability and pricing.
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Marigold flowers are made up of multiple layers of overlapping petals with the petals getting smaller and more condensed towards the flowers center, similiar to that of a carnation. The blooms may be single or double colored and can be varying hues of yellow, orange, red and maroon.

Picked only when you have ordered so they are the freshest possible.


Marigold flowers are available year-round with a peak season in the summer and autumn months.


Marigolds can be used whole as a garnish. 

They’re one of the more commonly used edible flower varieties in salads, but because their blossoms are a bit dense, the petals are often torn or cut off and then tossed in salads instead.  Marigold petals can also be mixed or pureed with softened butter to make colorful marigold compound butters.

Some edible flowers may wilt or change color when exposed to vinegar, so if using a vinegar-based dressing on salads containing edible flowers, test it on a few blossoms ahead of time and/or add it at the last second.

Marigolds float well, so they can be used as a floating garnish for punch bowls, etc.

Store Marigold flowers sealed in  your refrigerator. Shelf life approx. 4 days

Current Facts

A member of the genus Tagetes, Marigolds are an annual flower and member of the family Asteraceae. In addition to being a popular garden flower, today Marigolds are used as a food additive, acting as a natural food colorant and nutritional supplement

Nutritional Value

Marigold flowers are being studied for their potential benefits to eye health, in particular for their lutein content and its ability to help prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Marigold flowers are also fed to chickens to increase the lutein content of eggs and as a way to naturally produce an egg with a rich yellow hued yolk. 


The vivid orange color of Marigold flowers makes them ideal for use as décor on wedding cakes and other pastries prepared for celebratory occasions. Use as garnish when plating or on serving platters. Float atop a punch bowl of red or white sangria. Their appearance will complement spring, summer and early fall preparations best. 

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Marigolds have long had an important spiritual and religious significance for many different cultures. The Aztecs believed marigolds to have protective properties and could be of aid when foraging rivers or assist with healing after being struck by lightning. In India garlands made of Marigolds are used to honor gods in Hindu ceremonies. In Mexico Marigolds are steeped to make teas for rituals and for medicinal purposes, they are also used ornamentally on Dia de los Muertos to decorate alters created to honor past loved ones. 


Marigold flowers are native to the Americas. The first record of them dates back to the Aztecs in 1552 as is documented in the De La Crus-Badiano Aztec Herbal. Spanish explorers introduced the flowers to Spain in the 1500’s and soon after they spread throughout Europe and Africa. Marigolds thrive in full sun and prefer well-drained soils.

Disclaimer: Kumeu Flower Farm has researched all the edible flowers listed above and we can garauntee thier freshness. We will pick your flowers the same day of your Order. We do not grow with nasty chemicals and grow in a more natural uncomplicated manner. However consuming the flowers or plants listed here is at your own risk.  Kumeu Flower Farm cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction to the flowers. In case of doubt please consult your medical professional.

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